Allbemac ABR 3000

ABR 3000 Roll Cutting Machine is designed for precise cutting of textile products such as fabric and Spunbonded Nonwovens with of roll.With its tempered blade its able to cut even hardest materials such as elastic nonwovens ,knitted fabric, 3D Airmesh, Leather etc. The cutting position of the products placed on it can be moved forward and backward with the joystick system of the special tempered steel blade attached to the body to cut it at the desired measurement.With the special pneumatic locking system, the fixing of the roll is ensured in a healthy way and it is ensured that no waste is given during cutting.



Maks.Kuma Eni / Max.Fabric Width

Maks. Kesme Eni / Max.Sewing Width

Maks. Kesim Çapı / Max.Cutting Diameter

Bıçak Yürüme Sistemi / Blade Moving System

Bıçak Bileme Sistemi / Blade Sharpening System

Rulo Baskı Sistemi / Roller Stabilizing Pressure

Rulo Dayama Kilit Sistemi / Roller Lock System

Bıçak Özelligi/ Blade Specification

Güç / Power Requirement

Elektrik / Voltage Type ( Revised as Optinal )

Hava / Compressed Air

Ölçü / Dimensions

RULO KUMAŞ KESME MAKİNESİ / roll fabrıc cuttıng machıne

2500 mm ( customized optional)

10 mm

40 cm

Motorized / Motorlu

Var / Yes

Var / Yes

Pnömatik / Pneumatic

Isıl ilemden geçirilmi Çelik / Tempered Steel

2.5 KW

380 VAC (III+N+TT )

6-8 Bar

3000 – 1200 – 1800 mm