Allbemac ABQ 4000

Full Automatic Multimediale Chain Stitch Quilting Machine Multineedle Stitch Quilting Machine is one of the fastest machine in the market. It provides easy quilting on mattress, mattress toppers, mattress covers, comforters and upholstery. It is one step in front of its competitors thanks to the its fast sewing system and jumping design specification. Easy Feeding System for fabric and materials Easy operate and maintainUp and Down Thread break sensor In high speed easy sewing possibility of thick materials up to 8 cm with its pressing system Unlimited design and your own design sewing possibility automatic oiling system that prevent the oil
leak to the fabric.



Kapitone Hızı / Quilting Speed

Maks.Kapitone Kalınlıgı / Max.Quilting Thickness

Maks.Malzeme Eni / Max Material Width

Ürün Çıkıl Kapasitesi / Min-Max Product Output

Igne Aralıkları /Needle Distance

Kullanılan Diki­ Kafası / Sewing Head Brand

Dikiş­ Aralıgı / Stitch

Agırlık / Overall Weight

Ölçüler L*W*H / Dimensions

Igne Ölçüleri / Needle Type

Voltaj Tipi / Rated Voltage

Güç / Power

çok iğneli lüperli kapitone makinesi / multıneedled nonshuttle quıltıng machıne



2450 mm

80-300mt / saat / hour

25,4 mm

Durkop Adler 867


5500 KG

5400*2650*2050 MM

24/180 23/160 22/140 21/130

380 V 50HZ

7 KW