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Made in TURKEY

About Us

ALLBEMAC range machines as Tape edge machines, Quilting machines, Border machines, Tuing machines, Packing machine, Conveyor System, Roll Packing machine and full automatic mattress production lines to meet all the demands of the mattress podcution process and the customers evolving needs. Besides these allbemac produce sofa production lines and machines Bed manufacturers can feel the difference when they test and see the results produced by our machines, oŠering every company to be the first port to call in the mattress industry. ALLBEMAC is leading the way with mattress Technologies, and seeks to reach all countries of the world thanks to the increasing demand for its products aer the success achieved in the past years, where our products have been exported so far to more than thirty countries around the world, In addition to the local Turkish market where you can find our company’s machines im most of Turkish mattresses factories .


Turkey has been improving its’’ made in Turkey ‘’ image in many of the industries. Turkey as well dominates a big percentage of the bedding market by providing product quality, durability, after sales services and pricing. In 2011 ALLBEMAC was founded by Selçuk VARILI As a small local company. With the extensive commitment of the owner and workers together combined with the trust by the customers converted ALLBEMAC from a small company producing manual tape edge machine into a modern company and one of the leading providers of mattress machinery for the mattress industry with a worldwide reputation for technical qualities that meets all of the mattress machine requirements